Jump King Trampoline Review

Jump King Trampoline Review

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The jump king trampoline is one classy trampoline that is of super quality. The jump king falls into the category of pioneer brands of trampolines, therefore, it has proven its efficiency over the years.

The design of the jump king is large feet which seek to ensure the trampoline can handle young kids all the way up to the teenagers.

This is both regarding capacity and numbers. Parents of the kids using this trampoline are assured of the safety of the kids since everything is in place to ensure the kids have a memorable time safely.

The jump king can be termed as the one place that kids love to go and spend the day working out painlessly.

Due to the reputable performance of the jump king trampoline, it has been awarded a place among the top super quality brands.


Safety has been characterized as the top most priority in the design of the jump king trampoline. There are galvanized springs to support the jumping surface.

From the outlook the jump king, trampoline is spacious enough to accommodate a good number of kids unlike other trampolines so the surface where they will be jumping from needs to be solidly secured.

The jump king also features a padded four pole enclosure system that allows the kids to do what they can do best while on the trampoline.


The material of the trampoline tells quite a lot about. A good material lasts for long.

Some parts of the trampoline are made from PVC material which is strong to offer some sought of protective cushion to the kids when they accidentally fall.

The jump surface also has an option of double layering meaning the material will be twice as strong to deal with also sought of challenges.

I would recommend a buyer to inquire about the material the trampoline is made from before buying.

Jump King Trampoline Review


The jump king trampoline measures about 10.5 by 21 by 52 inches with a weight of 178.2 pounds.

These dimensions are the reason as to why the jump king trampoline is regarded as spacious enough.

With its circular shape, the trampoline can accommodate a good number of kids and teenagers.

Unlike the other trampolines, this one can be used by teenagers due to its spacious size and higher carrying capacity. The more there is in the trampoline, the more fun it becomes.


The design of the jump king trampoline is quite simple since it was designed among the first trampolines. Much focus was not put on the design of the trampoline.

It just has four padded poles to offer support to the rest of the trampoline which can be easily removed whenever there is need to remove.

To facilitate entry and exit into the trampoline, the designers fitted a dual closure completely with a zipper and buckles.

Easy To Assemble

The jump king can be said to be the first large trampoline that can easily be assembled. The top rail system which is unique is very ease to assemble.

The top rail also helps in giving support to the trampoline. One does not need a manual or the help of a professional to set up the jump king trampoline.

It is so easy all you need is your bare hands and your eyes only.

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  • Very strong and secure
  • Easy to put together
  • Perfect for people of all ages
  • Features a fully enclosed space for jumping
  • Holds up to 250 pound of children at once


  • Complaints of low quality springs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it come in one specific color?

A: The jump king trampoline is available in numerous colors especially the attractive colors which kids like such as pink, purple, yellow, red, etc.

Q: What is the maximum weight limit?

A: For the jump, king trampolines the maximum weight limit is between 350 lbs to 400 lbs. As long as it is not pushed beyond its capacity, it’s good to go.

Q: Does it come with a warranty?

A: For a product like this warranty is essential. However, I advise users to read the terms of the warranty.

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Final Verdict

I would recommend this type of trampoline for those with a large number of kids since it seeks to cater for all the kids together.

Apart from that, the jump king trampoline is one super brand which has been around for long, therefore, or it has won the trust of many users.

The price of the jump king trampoline is not expensive which also makes it a better deal for the kids.

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