Merax Round Large Trampoline Review

Merax Round Large Trampoline Review

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As a parent, I have always been skeptical about the safety of using a trampoline at home. Many accidents reported make me quite scared.

However, my desire to own a trampoline made me look for the best comfortable and safe trampoline for my family.

When I came across the Merax Round Large Trampoline, I was like this can’t be! I can’t lie that I did not have doubts.

After trying out different models of trampolines, I came across the Merax, and I didn’t regret spending my cash for this trampoline.

Here is why I would totally recommend this Merax Trampoline.

Easy Assembly

Do not put off the excitement and dismiss easily this trampoline from Merax. I followed the instructions to the latter when assembling the trampoline. The instructions are simplest full of drawings or illustrations.

However, with a touch assist from on-line tutorials and some other pair of hands, I was able revel in my family’s new catch very quickly.

Easy assembly of the trampoline adds comfort and speeds up fun with my family.

Safety And Sturdy

I later found out at home that I was worried for nothing. Trampoline with enclosure is constructed to ensure most safety especially while having kids around.

I noticed the enclosure net is strategically placed across the jumping mat so my kids can’t fall over when leaping or bouncing.

Also, the steel frame cannot be easily lifted off the floor. The W-shaped legs make it even sturdier and therefore safer. No worries anymore.


Enclosed trampolines are surprisingly more luxurious, that is why for me it’s far crucial to buy something this is reliable in terms of durability.

The leaping mat is crafted with durable polypropylene fabric, while the padfabric is full of thick foam to lessen the danger of any harm.

I have left it out for several days and its proven its durability. The metallic frame is rust-resistant, which cause them to long lasting and reliable.

Merax Round Large Trampoline Review


The Merax Round Large Trampoline is large enough to accommodate my family. My children often come with their friends, and that’s why I chose Merax to be able to accommodate all of them.

My backyard is spacious enough to fit this trampoline without any hazardous things around to harm my babies.

I made sure that I cleared tree branches, and other solid and harmful objects that might cause injury. There is enough free space around the trampoline.

Round Shape And Frame

My safety paranoia led me to select a round trampoline for my family. It is suitable for me because when they are jumping and bouncing they always come back to the center of the trampoline.

One lesser thing for me to worry about anyway. The frame is also smooth to make sure there are no tears on the mat or my kid’s skin.

Also, it is protected by a cover that keeps harmful UV rays away and extreme weather.

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  • Easy to assemble
  • Safety is priority
  • Materials used are very durable
  • Size is ideal for large families
  • Has a cover for protection from extreme weather conditions


  • The manual was a bit complicated

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How solid is this trampoline?

A: It is very strong as the material used is very strong. As long as you observe the weight limit, there will be no problem.

Q: The instructions are quite complex. Are there any tutorials to back them up?

A: If you have a problem understanding the instruction manual, you could visit the site to view videos tutorials on how to assemble the trampoline.

Q: Is there any age limit?

A: There has to be. This is to ensure safety and to avoid injuries. Usually, the limit is 6 years with adult supervision.

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Final Verdict

I haven’t seen anything so wrong with Merax Round Large Trampoline that would cause me to abandon it. In fact, I would recommend this trampoline to all trampoline lovers.

It is easy to use and all safety is put as a priority. I would advise that one should give their children and the entire family an opportunity to create an experience and a memory for their future families.

Give them a chance to have fun and play safe with Merax Round large Trampoline.

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