Trampoline safety rules and regulation with 25 Safety tips for trampolines

Safety tips for trampoline

Trampoline is most important for your health if you regular practice with trampoline. It can keep your body slim and make your health perfect. If your trampoline is not secured and spring free then you may face problem during practice with trampoline. Besides for fatty people and sick people trampoline is not safe. Trampoline may damage with heavy weight people jumping ot exercise. You should follow safety rules for trampoline. We have researched trampoline safety rules and regulation  and providing you 25 Safety tips for trampolines. You should follow it and need to choose best trampoline brands for you and your kids. Here we also describes Trampoline danger statistics. Lets face it!

Why shouldn’t you buy a trampoline?

You must collect trusted, secured and reliable trampoline which will not harmful for your body.  Remember during sick time and fatty condition of your body you shouldn’t buy a trampoline. Also if you don’t have knowledge about safe trampoline please keep time do not make a risky life.  If you so much fatty just try walking everyday at least 30 minute at morning and night, then try for trampoline and off course spring free trampoline during such situation. If your trampoline is not secured and spring free then you may face problem during practice with trampoline. Trampoline may damage with heavy weight people exercise.

Are trampolines still dangerous?

Trampolines are not still dangerous if you collect trusted, secured and reliable trampoline. These trampoline are safe for practice. So trampoline are not dangerous all time. If you collect spring free trampoline for you and your child you are safe from danger.

Are trampolines safe for adults ?

Yes, off course. Trampolines are safe for adults. But make sure that you are using properly trampoline. You have to follow rules and have to alert. Also you can use spring free trampoline. Then The maximum time you will be safe in all time situation.

What size trampoline is best for adults?

Age CriteriaTrampoline Sizes
Toddlers and Younger Kids 10 Months to 5 YearMini-Small Trampolines 36 inch, 38 inch, 40 inch, 48 inch, 55 inch, 3 feet and 7 feet
Elder Kids and Adults 6 Year and OlderSmall, Medium and Full Size Trampolines 8 feet, 10 feet, 12 feet, 14 feet, 15 feet, 16 feet and 17 feet
Only AdultsFitness Trampolines (Rebounders) Up to 3.5 feet with handle bar

How much weight can a trampoline hold ?

Different types of trampoline can hold different types of weight. Toddlers and kids trampolines are generally less than 10ft and can hold a load of 50 to 150 lbs. The teenagers 12ft trampolines can easily hold withstand 250 to 300lbs, 14ft trampolines can hold between 250 to 350lbs of loads, and the 15 and 16ft trampolines will hold 250 to 450lbs of weight.

Are trampoline sprinklers safe ?

Yes, it is safe to put a sprinkler under a trampoline. Trampoline are sprinklers safe definitely.

Safety Rules For Trampolines

The activity can be dangerous, so be alert during movement of these body parts :

•        arms

•        legs

•        head

•        neck

Specially unsafe for younger children, who are more likely to get hurt while using trampoline with jumping. Besides must obey some rules to use trampoline safely.

Safety by age

Trampoline jumping isn’t perfect for people of every age. Every trampoline is not able to get weight of every people. You must follow rules and concern about trampoline weight and age of people. Heavy weight people will be risky for non safe and spring trampoline. Lets see some rules, here are the safety precautions for each age group.

Safety By Toddlers

Small children, including toddlers, should never use a trampoline. They have a higher risk of getting injured due to their small size. They need to choose trampoline according to their age.

Safety By Older children

Kids ages 6 and older can jump on a full sized trampoline. But they still need adult supervision, specially if they are younger than 10 years old.

Children between  5 to 9 ages are more likely to get fractures because their bones are still soft. Older kids have a greater chance of getting strains or sprains.

Safety By Teens and adults

 When used a trampoline properly, its safe for teens and adults. Still, it is best to use caution. Specially if you have a chronic disease or recent injuries. then try to avoid risky trampoline like spring trampoline,

25 safety tips for use trampolines :

If you decide to buy a trampoline, it’s important to follow safety guidelines for perfect using of trampoline. Make sure your entire family is aware of these rules. Try to follow these Trampoline rules at home.

1.     Try to buy a safe trampoline, collect a spring free trampoline.

2.     Make sure that your trampoline is safe. Your child know also the trampoline is safe

3.     Set up the trampoline at ground level. Make sure the ground is even.

4.     Install the trampoline on a soft surface, like grass. Never place a trampoline on concrete.

5.     Install the trampoline away from trees, fences and any other structures.

6.     Make sure to remove any leaves, water and other debris from the trampoline before jumping.

7.     Cover the trampoline’s frame, spring, and hooks with protective safety pads.

8.     Try to Install a safety net around the trampoline.

9.     Check the trampoline for tears and broken fixtures before every use.

10.   Make sure the springs and bolts are properly in place before using.

11.   Replace any damaged spring, fixtures, padding, and netting before using the trampoline.

12.   Allow only one person on the trampoline at a time.

13.   Never allow children ages 6 and under to jump on a trampoline.

14.   Always jump in the center of the trampoline and avoid jumping along the edge.

15.   Do not allow sick people to use trampoline

16.   Do not allow fatty people if your trampoline are not safe and not spring free

17.   Try to Prefer spring free trampoline for your child

18.   Do not allow pregnant women to use trampoline

19.   Do not allow 2-5 years aged kids

20.   Do not allow over aged people like above 70 years old

21.   Avoid using trampoline during trampolines springs are week

22.   Avoid using trampoline during trampolines mat are week

23.     Be sure that Trampoline Ladders are perfect for going up, otherwise avoid it

24.   Be sure that trampoline net and safety pad are also ok, otherwise avoid to use trampoline

25.   First of all make sure that all trampoline accessories are working properly and you are following all rules and regulation before using trampoline

Types of injuries of a Trampoline

Many types of injuries can occur on a trampoline. Injuries can happen when you or your child: How you realize trampoline are going to fault

•        Trampoline spring will not work properly

•        The lands wrong while jumping, flipping or twisting

•        It attempts stunts

•        It crashes into another jumper

•        It falls or jumps off, especially on a hard surface

•        The lands on the frame or springs

It’s worth noting that injuries can happen even with adult supervision.

More Important Issue During Jumping On A Trampoline

Is it safe to jump on a trampoline while pregnant ?

No, Its not safe to jump on a trampoline while you are a pregnant. During pregnant your baby has a good position into your belly, if you try for jumping with a trampoline your baby position may change and it can be harmful for your baby. So please do not try jumping with trampoline if you are a pregnant women.

According to safety Lets see Best trampoline for kids and adults :

We have researched a lot and got 3 top trampoline which will be Best trampoline for kids and adults.

Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure Net

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Feature of the Sky walker Rectangle Trampoline :

  • This trampoline includes One Sky walker Jump-N-Dunk Rectangular 14′ Trampoline, with enclosure, Basketball hoop and foam basketball
  • The Trampoline dimensions is 14’ x 9’ x 9’. Frame height from ground is 37.4”. Jumping surface : 92 sq. ft. Weight limit : 250 lbs.
  • This trampoline uses two different (80-7” & 4-5.5”) springs. These are 25mm.
  • This trampoline is made of soft, safe play materials with a hook-and-loop breakaway rim to minimize damage to enclosure net and poles
  • Its Patented enclosure eliminates gaps between the enclosure net and the jumping surface, protecting children from pinch points & openings. This products are tested for safety and durability to meet or exceed ASTM standards

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Skywalker trampoline is most popular on the market. About 776+ people has given positive top review and 174+ people has answered of different types of question. So you can buy this trampoline without any hesitation.

SereneLife 36″ Inch Portable Fitness Trampoline

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Feature of the Portable Fitness Trampoline :

  • Serenelife round jump mat is made of heavy duty polypropylene to ensure sustained bouncing and elasticity with safety measure at 36’’ in diameter. Assemble size of the trampoline at 36’’ x 32’’ from ground to top for super safe zone happy jumping
  • The padded handlebar is 24’’ inch high that fit to user’s height. Kids can use the handle bar for easy grip to control their bounce. The frame cover is also padded and springfree that provides safer jump pad surface
  • Serenelife elastic trampoline is both portable and foldable. Easy folding and designed to fit small spaces in the playground, gym or at home. Its convenient size lets you carry it from one spot to another without any hassle
  • An ultimate rebounder sport and workout trainer to increase their strength and stamina. This heavy duty trampoline has a durable construction and can support up to 150 lbs. Perfect fitness goal exercise for your child
  • We have detailed assembly instruction manual included. We listed each specific assembly step and all parts and show the steps in picture form. It also comes with free kit bag. Get your little kid a personal trampoline now

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Screen life trampoline is most popular on the market. About 1434+ people has given positive top review and 51+ people has answered of different types of question. So you can buy this trampoline without any hesitation.

Upper Bounce Trampoline Safety Net for Round Trampoline

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Feature of the Portable Fitness Trampoline :

  • This trampoline is Safe and Secured. Upper Bounce trampoline replacement net ensures maximum safety by enclosing the jumping surface of your trampoline (Net installs on the inside of the trampoline), providing security and a fun jumping experience at the same time.
  • Its have Durable Quality. Our superior quality, Terylene trampoline safety net has dual closure entry with zipper and buckles and is tested to be UV, water, and tear-resistant. This trampoline net is capable of enduring all types of outdoor weather conditions.
  • Upper Bounce trampolines are a fun way for your children to channel their energy. Crafted from a premium Terylene material, our trampoline net ensures absolute safety for your children along with a fun bouncing experience.
  • This trampoline is Portable and Easy to Install. Our trampoline replacement net is easy to carry around and structurally designed to resist wear and tear upon folding. Our trampoline net requires only a couple of hands to be installed effortlessly in a short time span.
  • This trampoline is Universally Compatible. Enhance the jumping capability of your trampoline with our premium quality trampoline net. Our trampoline safety net has universal compatibility for 15 ft round trampoline with 4 arches or 8 straight poles from any brand out there.

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Upper Bounce trampoline is most popular on the market. About 1143+ people has given positive top review and 30+ people has answered of different types of question. So you can buy this trampoline without any hesitation.

Jumping on trampoline benefits : 9 Advantages of trampolines

•        Way to make good health and loss weight

•        Increased circulation.

•        Improved balance and coordination.

•        Good alternative of physical exercise

•        Better core strength.

•        Improved bone density.

•        Increased cardiovascular fitness.

•        Regulation of the metabolism.

•        Increased muscle strength.

Besides you may try for best water trampoline which is almost safe, secured and reliable. If you use water trampoline you should not think about safety. You should not think danger statistic of trampoline. So Water trampoline can keep you tension free always, but first of all you need to know Swimming. Otherwise exercise with water trampoline will be harmful for not knowing swimming people. So You have to ensure Swimming before using water trampoline at water. On the other hand you may use water trampoline at low level water place, where you do not need to know swimming.

Safe Trampoline Alternative as Best Water Trampoline – Trampoline for toddlers safe

Lets see some trampoline rules and regulation for water trampoline :

What is the best water trampoline to buy?

According to reliability and popularity top 3 trampoline are known as best water trampoline.

•        Island Hopper Bounce N Splash Floating Water Trampoline.

•        SportsStuff Funstation Bouncer Water Trampoline.

•        Rave Bongo Water Bouncer Trampoline.

What is the difference between a water bouncer and a water trampoline?

Difference between a water bouncer and a water trampoline : The significant difference is that a water trampoline has springs and a water bouncer does not have springs. Both products provide great fun on the water. The water trampoline provides more bounce than a bouncer and behaves more like a land based trampoline.

Why are water trampolines so expensive?

Water trampolines are generally more expensive than water bouncers. Because they are equipped with more hardware and equipment, water trampolines require a higher budget than than most bouncers. Bouncers are generally less expensive. Most water trampolines will cost at least $1000. But First of all water trampoline are more safe and secured than other trampolines.

Can you use water trampoline on land?

Water trampoline designed with durable material to endure water elements; it is not suitable  to be used on the land. It’s so much safer to use a water trampoline or water bouncer in the water than on land. There is no risk in the water trampoline.

How deep should the water be for a water trampoline?

The water should be at least 8 feet for safe trampoline to use. You can use a rock element tied to a rope to test water depth. Also you have to ensure that the trampoline is set up at least 30 feet away from land and docks.

Considering all these things we recommend top 3 water trampoline for you. Lets see…

Rave Bongo Water Bouncer as Water Trampoline

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Feature of the Rave Bongo Water Bouncer Trampoline :

  • This bouncer trampoline is made of a heavy-duty commercial-grade material, and most of our customers anchor them for the season on their lakeshore | Treated with a UV treatment to prevent sun fading
  • Product dimensions of the bouncer trampoline is 150” Diameter x 26” H | Jump mat area – 66 sq. ft. | Jump mat size – 107” | Product weight – 50 lbs. | Required water depth – 8’ | Weight capacity – 700 lbs. (2 adults or 4 children)
  • The black nylon webbing jump surface is attached directly to the inflatable tube with an interlaced nylon rope for easy setup, unlike water trampolines that are attached with metal springs
  • Inflates in a few minutes, and to keep your Bongo Bouncer in place, we recommend an anchor weight of 35-45 pounds attached to the included anchor connector rope included (instructions included). 3-step ladder also included
  • The RAVE Sports Bongo should be inflated with air as per manufacturer manual | Bongo Bouncers are perfect for playing, lounging, and using as a swim platform but do not provide the same jumping experience as a water trampoline

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Water Bouncer Rave Bongo bouncer as best water trampoline is most popular on the market. About 99+ people has given positive top review and 27+ people has answered of different types of question. So you can buy this trampoline without any hesitation. This trampoline has no any risk to use.

Sports Stuff  Funstation Bouncer as Water Trampoline

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Feature of the Sports Stuff Funstation Water Bouncer :

  • This water bouncer are available in two sizes, 10 ft and 12 ft. Inflation is easy with their single chamber design
  • The removable boarding platform with molded handles makes it a cinch to climb onboard. The anchor system (included) keeps the bouncer stable as you jump. Heavy-duty molded handles allow a friend to hold on from the platform
  • Its have Heavy-duty K80 PVC with a large bouncing surface and padded nylon collar. Reach for the stars while jumping on these mammoth bouncers
  • This water bouncer have Large Bouncing Surface
  • Also have Heavy-Duty K80 PVC Construction.Anchor System Included
  • It contains of Removable Platform With Molded PVC Handles Single Chamber Design

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Sports Stuff Fun station Water Bouncer as best water trampoline is most popular on the market. About 53+ people has given positive top review and 8+ people has answered of different types of question. Its popularity is increasing day by day. So you can buy this trampoline without any hesitation. This trampoline has no any risk to use.

On the other hand Artificial Water Trampoline as alternative trampoline will Help You If You Do Not Know Swimming.

Inflatable Water Slides I am recommending for you. Lets see about most popular, top reviewed and best inflatable water slides.

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer Multicolor

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Feature of the Inflatable Slide Bouncer :

  • The inflatable water bouncer includes climbing wall, two slides, and splash pool
  • It can hold Maximum number of kids is 4 and the maximum combined weight limit is 350 lbs.
  • Inflatable slide bouncer have Internal Box that size is 15.75”L x 28.75”W x 16.25”H
  • It also contains a surprise dump bucket pours water on kids climbing up the center inflatable rock wall
  • This Inflatable slide bouncer size is 161.00L x 169.00 W x 103.00 H

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Inflatable Water Slides as best alternative trampoline is most popular on the market. About 1515+ people has given positive top review and 212+ people has answered of different types of question. Its popularity is increasing day by day. Its totally safe to use for your kids. So you can buy this inflatable water slides as alternative water trampoline as they are do not know swimming. This alternative trampoline has no any risk to use. So you collect it for your kids with a great confidence.

Use Inflatable Slide Bouncer If you are scared about trampoline, if you do not know about swimming. Then Inflatable Slide Bouncer will be best solution for you. But for exercise and to make slim body there is no alternative of safe trampoline.

Conclusion :

Trampolines are our friends as they can help us to stay with a good health. Considering all these things and by following trampoline rules and regulation with 25 Safety tips for trampolines we can use trampoline without any hesitation. If we  follow all rules and safety tips about trampoline we can practice it with a great confidence. So please follow rules, regulation and safety tips forever, best wishes for all of you. Keep using safe trampoline, be happy with your family with safe and safety forever.

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