Get Ultimate Trampoline At Your Budget | Trampoline Zone With Trampoline Sleepover

Get Ultimate Trampoline At Your Budget | Trampoline Zone With Trampoline Sleepover

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Water Trampoline is one of my favorite luxury trampoline in the market. Among them Island Hopper Water Trampoline is becomes popular for its good performance.  And the water trampoline is their new add-on in the line for the man and women. This trampoline gym helps you to keep your body well, on the other hand this trampoline will give you entertainment, refreshment and unlimited fun with water. This trampoline will be a good trampoline zone with trampoline sleepover for all. So you can enjoy it !

I just received the timepiece a week ago and therefore, writing this water trampoline review to share my experience. So lets face it !

About Island Hopper Water Trampoline  

The journey of Island Hopper water trampoline began in 1991. Since then, water trampoline got acknowledgment and criticism for offering luxury items at affordable prices. But among the more prominent giant brands, the company is steadily creating its own space and brand appeal with dignity.

Island Hopper 13′ Bounce N Splash Padded Water Trampoline Feature and Specification

Water Trampoline is for all kind of aged people. Children, women and man, any kind of people can use it. Here I am describing about best water trampoline feature and specification. I am using it since 2019 and getting good performance perfectly.

Best Affordable Trampoline Sleepover
Best Affordable Trampoline Sleepover

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Specifications :

  • This water trampoline contains with 13 ft Water Bouncer ONLY. 5 year seam “No Blow-Out” Limited warranty
  • Its have Exclusive ½” foam perimeter padding for comfort and safety. Heavy commercial construction using 1000 denier PVC material.
  • Having special feature like Spring-less, interlaced nylon webbing “bouncer” design.
  • Its Bouncer dimensions is 10′ jump surface & 26” tall tube up off the water.
  • Also have 10 swimming assisted handles, 6 anchor secure D-rings, 4 step easy access soft ladder.

At a glance feature :

Brand Island Hopper
Model 13’BSPLASH
Product Dimensions 156 x 156 x 26.4 inches
Item Weight 77 pounds
Manufacturer recommended age 36 month – 3 years
Customer Reviews 27 +
Trampoline Sleepover
Trampoline Sleepover

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Standout Features

Still, confused? No worries. It’s time to learn more about the features that I liked among them all.

·        Design

If you take a sharp eye on the display, you can see there are lots of item pairs of trampoline accessories placed with smooth space Undoubtedly, that is the prime aspect of making the trampoline a true luxury icon.

·        Durability

Its have long time strength. Extra durability on the water. It can be use also in front of your house if you have water garden on the house. Case

·        Accessories

I like this accessories of the water trampoline. It will make you happy during using the trampoline. Its all accessories are secured and reliable like the trampoline. Hope this one will be your better choice. You do not need to waste time.

The Best Water Trampoline
The Best Water Trampoline

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Easy to use

Anyone can use and operate

Easily movement one place to another

Safety Integrated

Perfect for Quarantine time


  • Somehow expensive  
  • Need big water space
Best Water Trampoline Zone
Best Water Trampoline Zone

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Island Hopper 13′ Bounce Water Trampoline – Final Verdict

Lastly, I would not become tough judgmental regarding this water trampoline. It is because the price tag is really not that much high. Taking that in mind, if you feel that it is the best match for you, then trying this won’t be a regret.

So, at the end of the Island Hopper Water Trampoline, I would say, read your heart and follow the flow and make sure to tickle the comment section with your opinion. In this Corona Situation many people are ordering this product from their home to pass the time with long entertainment and fun. Only 4 products are available now.

Some People has given their valuable comment after using this trampoline. Also have given 5 rating out of 5.  Lets see it !!!

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Amazon Customer 1 :

We bought this Hopper as a Christmas present for our grandchildren. We were very excited about our purchase until this weekend when we put it in the water.. Along the folded crease there were small holes which caused the thing to leak air. I had to inflate this thing 4 times during the day. When I called the customer service number to complain I was told that the warranty does not cover HOLES! The float had not even been used 6 hours! And I have had to patch up holes before the kids could even use it. We paid too much for a defective product. Not a happy customer.  19 people found this helpful. Rated 5 of 5

Amazon Customer 2 :

This is a high-quality product and is very well made. However, it is not a trampoline and the bouncing part of it is almost useless. If you are looking for a high-quality floating island that the kids can jump-off and have a good time, this is a good one to get. If you are looking to “get some air” and launch into the water, do not buy this, as you will get very little bounce from it.  10 people found this helpful. 10 people found this helpful, Rated 5 of 5

Amazon Customer 3 :

We just received ours today and read through the Owner’s Manual. Wish we would’ve done that prior to purchasing because we found out not only do we need to apply a really hard-to-find “303 Protectant” product (which was specified AND should have been included) prior to putting it in the water (and then every 2 weeks after), but that the 1-year warranty isn’t valid unless we deflate the entire thing completely, remove it from the water, and then store in a dry, cool place, EVERY SINGLE DAY! This thing is huge and while we live on a lake, we are 300 ft from the waterfront and plan to use our mooring to secure it, which is indicated as one of the product’s selling points. Listen up, folks, if I purchase a product that requires mooring (which infers seasonal permanence), then I should be able to leave it out there all summer long and not worry about warranty service refusal!  49 people found this helpful

10 people found this helpful, Rated 5 of 5

Amazon Customer 4 :

We ordered the 13′ island hopper. I removed it from the packaging and started blowing it up. After blowing it up it started leaking air. I found a leak on the hopper in the crease where it had been folded. We took it down to the lake in the afternoon and the kids loved it, but it started leaking again. I got on Amazon and wrote a note to the vendor stating my issues. They instantly sent me a message back saying that they were shipping me a new unit. That is some pretty darn good customer service! I was very pleased to say the least as i was expecting a hassle.

The island is a bit hard for bigger kids or adults to climb up on but you figure it out over time. The solid ladder that was discussed in teh question above may be something i try out. The kids loved it and played on it all day, this was the first unit, so i had to touch up the air with a battery powered mattress blower, which worked just fine. The island is not going to bounce like a normal trampoline so don’t expect to be doing arial tricks on it. If too many people get on it will dip down into the water in the middle.

Over all seems very durable and we are happy with the purchase.

And again i can not say enought about the hassle free customer service!

Rated 3 of 5, 14 people found this helpful

Amazon Customer 5 :

Blow up took only minutes with a small pump. If you leave it in the water it is fine but if you have to bring it out of the water to store it every time pay attention to the weight of it. My husband did it not have a problem but there is no way I could have. Over all great quality. Would buy again.

Delivered on time with no problems. Easy set up. I used a shop vac to inflate it. Took about 15 minutes. I use it extensively on our lake with the grandchildren and their friends. Best recommendation is from my granddaughter, “I love it grandpa”. 3 people found this helpful

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars Swimming fun for all this summewr!

Amazon Customer 6 :

The Island Hopper itself was OK. The kids played on it the first day and haven’t returned to it. They were expecting a trampoline on the water. Not even close. I ordered the accompanying slide for an extra $300. It is a complete waste of money. Poor design. This slide is air filled tubes connected by a fabric overlay. Not sturdy enough to support even a 5 year old child. Our neighbors have a different brand. Their slide has an enclosed, air filled, chamber. Theirs works great. Rated 5.0 out of 5

Best Affordable Trampoline
Best Affordable Trampoline

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