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Best Kids Trampoline

Are you concerned about the fitness of your children? You should be. Kids these days spend most of their time on computers, tablets, phones and other media, exploring the internet or just playing video games.

With the advancement of technology, more children are becoming unhealthy due to lack of adequate exercise. Childhood diseases are on the rise in recent times: kids are suffering from diseases that are not supposed to affect them at their age.

However, do not despair because there is a way to get your kids active again in a fun way and is guaranteed to keep them fit and healthy. The good part is it is cheap, and the whole family can enjoy it. Beside of trampoline you can try also ​ In this way your kids health will remain well all time. 

I am referring to Trampolines. Trampolines will keep your kids fit both indoors and outdoors. I can hear you asking ‘how is jumping going to help my child stay healthy?' Well, what appears like jumping around is one of the best ways to maintain fitness for your child.

Jumping on trampolines works on different muscles of the body like the leg, arms, back, and the neck, therefore, it ensures your kid an all-round growth.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best kid's trampoline their advantages and disadvantages and how you can select the best one in the market.

Recommended Best Kids Trampoline

Merax 36" Kid's Mini Exercise Trampoline

Editor Rating:

Children have tons of energy to burn, and this merax kid's mini exercise trampoline it an excellent choice for them to burn that extra fat.

As the kids jump on the merax they work out their whole body and develop better fitness, coordination and balance.

The merax has got a large jumping surface that will provide stability for the children. This trampoline features a full grip handle bar To assist them to stay upright and safer,

This indoor trampoline is sturdy due to a unique metal spring construction and can support up to 180 pounds. It is durable and long lasting. It also features a padded thick foam handrail that will provide your kids an all-around protection and safety.

The good thing is it is multipurpose. You do not have to purchase two trampolines because adults can also use it when the handrail is detached.


  • Perfect for toddlers.
  • Has a metal spring construction that makes it durable.
  • Padded thick foam that gives your kids an all-around protection.
  • Multifunctional: both adults and kids can use it.
  • Meets all US safety standards.


  • Putting together is difficult.
  • Small; it can only accommodate two kids at a time.
  • Can only hold 100 pounds.
Kangaroo's 36" Kids Trampoline

Editor Rating:

If you are scouting for a trampoline for your toddler, then the Kangaroo 36" kid's trampoline is the ideal trampoline for you.

This trampoline features a handle that folds when you want to move or store it without disassembling.

It comes with easy instructions to assemble. It also does not require additional parts or screws to join because it comes with all the components needed to put together. You may use the trampoline outdoors under adult supervision.

The good part is it has a six-month warranty on parts and construction and has passed all US safety standards. The kangaroo is the very best trampoline your can purchase from mother approved manufacturing.


  • This trampoline is best for toddlers.
  • Only used outside under adult supervision.
  • It has passed all US safety standards.
  • It is easy to assemble.


  • Only used outdoors under adult supervision.
  • It can easily tip over when kids bounce near the handlebars.
  • Only used on carpeted area or soft places.

The Shrunks Kids Trampoline

Editor Rating:

The Shrunks kids' trampoline will offer your children protection keeping them active. This trampoline features a safety bar that will assist your toddler to hold on securely.

It is angled correctly for easier access and has a soft padded handle that is rare in the market today.

The jump mat of the shrunk is textured for slip resistance and also features a star at the center to assist children in positioning themselves. It can be washed with mild soap and water and can easily get disassembled and stored away.

The shrunk features a one-piece durable metal frame and metal screws on its legs for secure jumping. The metal has a textured slip resistance mat with padding around its edges that cover the springs and protects the fingers and toes.

This trampoline is made of 100%nylon and is phthalate, BPA and lead-free. Recommended for kids of ages two to four and a maximum capacity of 80pounds.

It has an ergonomic cross bar that is correctly angled and assists kids to hold on more securely, making it stable and comfortable.


  • Features a soft padded handle.
  • The jump mat has a texture for slip resistance.
  • Has a one-piece metal frame that is sturdy.
  • Soft cushioned ergonomic cross bar handle bar, which is comfortable and stable.


  • It has a limited bounce.
  • The cover mat around the edges does not hug the entire trampoline surface; kids get their toe caught on it.
  • It can topple when kids try to access it by pulling themselves using the handle
Merax 7FT Kids Trampoline

Editor Rating:

The Merax 7FT Kids Trampoline brings the benefits of fitness and fun to your home is style. This trampoline is durable and padded and gives you endless hours of safe, active fun for your kids.

It features a durable, rust-resistant frame made of high-quality steel and blow-molded plastic that offers your little one's safety.

The entrance has a round zipper that has an enclosure net supported by padded poles for extra security. The springs are pad protected to safeguard your kids against accidents. It comes with all the tools required for easy and fast assembly.


  • Comes with everything needed for assembly and use.
  • Features a heavy-duty polypropylene mesh material for the jumping mat.
  • Has durable, high-quality pad protector that covers the springs.
  • Comes with all tools needed for easy and fast assembly.


  • Weight limit that supports one person a time.
  • Only made for kids and has a warranty that covers up to 150 pounds weight limit.
  • Takes long to build.
JumpSport iBounce 2 Kids Trampoline

Editor Rating:

The JumpSport iBounce 2 Kids Trampoline allows your children to entertain themselves while bouncing.

It features an award-winning adventure learning DVD series that star the lovable RompyRoo and teaches numbers, letters, music, and spelling. This DVD is I pad friendly.

This trampoline is easy to fold up and Go and is a fun way for toddlers to exercise. Is also uses custom designed durable bungee cords that offer smooth, safe and dampened bounce.

It features a padded and easy to reach handle bar for added safety and recommended for children between ages three to six years and a weight limit of 100 pounds.


  • Fold quickly for easy storage.
  • Comes with a learning DVD.
  • Has a padded easy to reach handle bar for added safety.
  • Sturdy and durable.


  • Does not come with any workout videos for the children.
  • You have to disassemble it completely for it to fold.
  • The form that covers the handle is too soft.

How To Choose - Best Kids Trampoline

There are different kinds of trampolines for kids, but what do you look for when you want to purchase one?


Trampolines come in different forms, and each has it's on implication. Round trampolines can be manufactured cheaply and are mostly low quality. Rectangular and octagonal trampolines are expensive to make and are usually of high quality.

The cheap production cost of the round trampoline makes them ideal for homes, and those of other shapes are mostly for professional purposes.

The Length Of Springs

You must also consider the length of springs. Longer springs ensure softer bounce for your kids and more airtime because of higher jumps. Short springs offer less bounce and tend to overstretch; therefore, you may have to replace them most of the time.

Age Group

Always buy trampolines that are suitable for the age group of your child. Small trampolines are mostly suitable for young children of between three years to six years. Slightly larger ones are appropriate for ages six and above.


The weight of your child is another critical point to consider when buying a trampoline. A small trampoline is for light kids while for slightly heavier child purchase a large trampoline and has a high weight capacity.

Available Space

This is important to consider when choosing a trampoline. If you have a larger backyard, then you should go for a large trampoline which your kids and their friends can enjoy themselves. Go for a mini trampoline if you do not have a back yard.


How much are you willing to pay for a trampoline? You can get trampolines with different prices and, depending on your budget go for the most suitable one. Note that cheaper trampoline does not always mean bad quality.


The well being of your kid is an important consideration before you purchase a trampoline. Buy trampolines with safety enclosures or buy a separate enclosure to attach to the trampoline you have bought.

Final Verdict

We live in a world where you do not need to get off your seat to get work done. Children are also increasingly getting off playing grounds and spending most of their time glued to the screen of their computers, tablet, smartphones and video games.

This has led to a new breed of lifestyle diseases from diabetes, and obesity. Getting kids from the couch to the gym is nearly impossible, but there is an easy way to of getting them interested in staying fit: Trampolining.

Trampolines have been proven to improve the physical fitness of kids while having fun. However, there is a proliferation of many different trampolines that a parent can often get lost in the maze.

Therefore to choose the right trampoline you need to establish your budget, know the safety features of the trampoline, know the amount of space in your back yard, the weight of your children and their age group.

Finally, know which shape of the trampoline you will need. If you are still confused, consider one the best trampolines listed above and chose the most suitable one for you.

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