How to Turn Your Boring Lawn Interesting For Kids

How to Turn Your Boring Lawn Interesting For Kids

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Lawns are the perfect place to unwind after a long day. A little exposure to fresh air after a long day is healthy and definitely something everyone wants. It’s not just you who want a beautiful lawn, but if you happen to have kids, they are always searching for something fun and creative. Here’s the problem though, you may have a big yard or lawn but don’t know how to make it a fun place for the kids. That shouldn’t be a problem at all. Kids are always on the lookout for fun and activities, as long as it is something that will keep them busy and happy, it is good for them. While your child will get some fresh air outside, they’ll also be nearby, so you can easily keep an eye on them.

If you have a big lawn, but don’t know how to turn it into one big fun place that your kids will love, then read along to find out more about the tips and tricks that will not only help to transform your lawn but will also make sure the kids love your creation. There are tons of fun DIY (do it yourself) projects that can give you endless ideas about how to transform your lawn into a playground for the kids. Read about the fun ideas and hopefully, you will find some crafty plans for the ultimate lawn transformation.

Scribbling on the fence

Young children are always trying to paint or draw wherever they can. They might be ruining your walls with their scribbles, drawing with chalk on your walkway, or pastel and crayons on your floors. Well, instead of letting them mess your house, why not transfer their painting sessions outside? Simply install a chalkboard on your fence or the back of the house and let them draw to their heart’s content. This will keep all the scribbles plus the chalk dust away from your house. Or, if they like water-based colors, then simply buy large sheets of paper to place on the grass and let them paint. To make it even better, you can also buy easels to paint outdoors that you can adjust to your kids’ heights. They can get as messy as they want, but your house will remain spotless as ever.

Camping outdoors

Nothing can beat the idea of an outdoor camping. If your kids are bored of staying indoors all day, simply let them experience the fun outdoors without even stepping out of your home.  Turn your lawn into the best camping zone ever, with a big backyard tent. They can spend their time doing their favorite activities in the tent. Not only would it feel like a different experience, but they would also get a taste of outdoor adventure.

A swing made of a tire

If you happen to have big trees, you can definitely try this out. Recycle your old tires by tying them and hanging them from a tree. Make sure that the ropes you use are strong enough and safe before you let your child try it out. Let your kids go as high up as they can, and have endless fun swinging to and fro.


 A Treehouse

Speaking of big trees to hang swings from, another great idea is to build a tree house. This is one of the coolest ideas that kids are guaranteed to love. Kids can have some space whenever they want or have their little group meetups and play together. Start building one already and let your child have his or her own little house up the tree!

Zip lines from a tree

This is yet again another fun idea for those of you, who happen to have large trees out on your lawns.  Simply install a zip line from the tallest point of the tree and watch your kids have the adventure of their lifetime. It is a simple way of bringing something fun and adventurous into your home. Your kids can have fun for hours with their friends, and also, this trick is sure a fun way to keep your kids active.

Bring the beach to your lawn

Everyone loves going to the beach on summer vacations, but sadly you can’t visit every day. However, this next DIY will surely bring a part of the fun seaside experience back to your home. Make a decent sized sand pit so your kids can have that sandy beach feeling. Place buckets, spades, and other accessories so your kids can play with sand for hours.  To bring the entire beach fun, you can also install a small, inflatable pool and finish it off with pool accessories.

An outdoor movie arena

This idea will be fun for both your kids as well as for the older members of your family. You can set up a screen and a projector for the movie, and decorate the lawn with chairs, couches or even make it more comfortable with picnic blankets, pillows and cushions all around. Bring about some finger snacks and popcorn to enjoy an open sky movie theatre with your family at night!

A tiny garden

If you already have a garden, you might have seen how kids help out and love spending time with plants. You can use a certain part of your lawn to make a small garden specifically for them only. Plant their favorite plants and let them water their garden and tend to it. Besides being educational, it will also let them learn about nature and teach them to be more caring.

A secret hideout for toys

Kids can have a lot of toys which they play with outside and so they get dirty. These outdoor toys need to be kept somewhere separately so they won’t make the house dirty later on. One way to keep the dirty toys separate is to store them outside and do so in a fun way. Making a secret hideout to store toys, such as inside the bench or on the deck, can not only make it fun but also interesting for the kids.

Final words

These are just a list of some activities to transform your lawn into an interesting and fun place for the kids. Although some of them may seem very simple, they’re sure to work when it comes to keeping your kids busy. So go ahead, have fun getting crafty while you’re at it, and bring your kids some outdoors fun without even stepping out of your home. Hopefully, this article has given you enough ideas to get creative for the next transformation.

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