Best Indoor Trampoline – Guide & Reviews

Best Indoor Trampoline

Children today are becoming unhealthy. With the arrival of electronics such as phones, tablets, play stations children are spending most of their free time on some screen.

This lifestyle has led to an increase in lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Kids no longer exercise by playing outdoors.

It is a fact that children love to jump, then how about getting them an indoor trampoline. Indoor trampolines are small, and they can give your family hours of fun and exercise.

Indoor trampolines are less expensive, and you can fold them easily for easy storage. They are lightweight making it possible to move them to different rooms. So you can use best indoor trampoline for adults also.

Most are durable and are a great addition to your home. In this article, we are going to discuss the best indoor trampolines, their advantages, and disadvantages. Learn about best trampoline 2018.

Recommended Best Indoor Trampoline

Best Indoor Trampoline

Best Indoor Trampoline

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Pure Fun 38-inch Kids Jumper Bungee Trampoline is an excellent first trampoline for younger children of ages three years old and above.

Pure Fun 38-inch Kids Jumper Bungee Trampoline is brightly colored and will surely attract children. It has a handle bar making it ideal for children to learn how to balance and bounce. Stable, safe and durable.

It is made of galvanized spring and rust resistant frame making it an excellent first trampoline. For added stability, this trampoline features six legs for maximum grip of the ground. It is also wide to provide enough room for children to bounce.

It is perfect for indoor and outdoor play and has a padded removable handle that has two adjustable settings for of different heights.


  • It is Excellent for younger children.
  • It has six legs for added stability.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor exercises.
  • It features galvanized springs.
  • It has a removable handle that can adjust to two different heights.


  • The legs put scratches on wooden floors.
  • It has a little weight limit of 80 pounds.
  • Putting together is hard.
Indoor Trampoline For Kids

Indoor Trampoline For Kids

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Add some fun and exercise into your kids play time with 36-Inch Kids Trampoline Little Trampoline.

Surprise them with this trampoline, and you will leave a smile on their faces the whole day. 

This trampoline is easy to assemble and comes with a safety enclosure net to ensure your kids do not fall off when bouncing in it. It has zinc plated springs, therefore; you do not have to worry about rust making it durable.

It also features high-quality mesh netting that will not tear easily. Also, it has a foam padded steel tube frames that can handle weights up to 220 pounds easily.

It comes in many different colors making it beautiful and will surely attract your children. Also, it comes with a leg shell that will prevent damage to your carpet and other types of flooring.


  • It is easy to set up.
  • It has safety padded steel tube frames.
  • Has leg shells that do not damage carpets and other floor types.
  • Its safety features include zinc plated springs and high-quality mesh netting.
  • It is quiet.


  • It is not suitable for outdoor activities.
  • Slides on the floor, so you need a mat for stability.
  • It is too small. Children outgrow it fast.

Jump Power 88" Hexagon "ASTM

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The jump power 88" is a Taiwanese designed trampoline made of galvanized steel tubing frame that makes it sturdy and durable.

Its steel legs are covered in plastic offering your children safety and protecting your floor from damages.

This trampoline is for children aged between 36 months and eight years. This best indoor trampoline comes in blue orange and black colors that will surely attract your kids. It features detachable legs for easy storage and transportation.

Its jump surface is polypropylene which makes it tough and will handle your kids' weight up to 110 pounds. This trampoline will give your toddler or kids hours of exercise fun and enjoyment.


  • It is sturdy with galvanized steel tube frame.
  • It features covered springs for added protection.
  • Zinc coated to resist rusting.
  • It is appropriate for children of ages 36 months to eight years.


  • It is not easy to assemble.
  • Not suitable for older children.
  • It is too heavy with many parts.
Upper Bounce Indoor/Outdoor Classic

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Bring the fun, fitness, and health to your house with the Upper Bounce Indoor/Outdoor Classic Trampoline. This trampoline is durable and padded to give your kids hours of fun in safety.

Its frame is made of high-quality steel and is extremely durable, and blow molded plastic to ensure your kids' safety. 

The upper bounce is the perfect trampoline to use no matter the weather, whether indoors or outdoors. They are easily assembled and come with tools that are needed to assemble it. The upper bounce features plastic tubings on its legs to protect your flooring while indoor.

It has six sturdy curved poles that hold the safety net to protect your kids from falling off. It also features safety pad made from durable oxford material designed for use indoors. The steel springs and poles are covered with protectors to prevent injuries.


  • Features a high quality, durable safety pad.
  • Sturdy with heavy-duty mesh material for the jumping mat.
  • Comes with all the equipment for assembling.
  • Has 3-inch skirt padding around the frame and legs.


  • Color fades fast when used outdoors.
  • Large for most doors, so it's not easy to move around.
  • Not durable under heavy use.
The Original Toy Company Fold & Go

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The fold and go are the perfect trampolines for beginner kids. To ensure kids stay indoors no matter the weather go for the fold and go trampoline, it will assist your child to have fun and keep fit.

This trampoline features covered frame and handle grip that are padded to offer your kid extra safety.

It features a sturdy, durable frame that allows it to be used indoor and outdoor. It has no metal spring for easy folding and storing when not in use.

This Trampoline is safety approved with the USA HR 4040 federal government toy safety standard. It comes with instruction and tools for assembly and can handle up to 150 pounds.


  • It is excellent for young children.
  • Easily folded for storage and traveling.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • It features a padded frame for added safety.


  • The handle screws become loose regularly thus requiring constant tightening.
  • It cannot handle two children without injuries occurring.
  • The rubber like material on the feet of the trampoline smells like tar.

How To Choose - Best Indoor Trampoline

There are many different kinds of indoor trampolines, which can make it difficult to choose the best one. But there are factors to consider when looking for best indoor trampoline and these include the following.


The reason why the price is at the top of this list is that it determines the quality of the trampoline you want to buy. A cheaper trampoline means inferior quality materials.

Therefore do not go on the most inexpensive trampoline in the market, they will most probably be weak and unsafe and will break down fast. Set a reasonable budget and get a good quality trampoline.


Trampolines can be dangerous if they do not have the appropriate safety features. Thousands of people get treated for injuries associated with trampolines. Therefore, go for trampolines with safety nets or handlebars to keep the users on the jumping pad.

Ensure the trampoline has enough padding around it, over the springs and frames. Check for the toughness of the materials used. A flimsy material will easily break and cause injuries.


The space you have in your house will determine the size of the trampoline you choose. Do not buy a huge trampoline when you live in a small apartment with no back yard. Remember you need enough space around the trampoline to avoid injuries.


The trampoline you intend to buy should be able to offer you years of fun. It should be made of rustproof materials and provide you protection from UV rays. Read reviews from users and check the reputation of the manufacturer and the warranty period they offer.


Check for the weight limit to determine if it's appropriate for the people going to use it. If the trampoline is for fun check for the quality of the bounce and the number of springs it has. If it is for exercise, buy one designed for that purpose.

Final Verdict of Best Indoor Trampoline

Buying a trampoline can be a frustrating affair with the many types. Therefore, you need to know what you want exactly. Look out for the price because it will determine the quality of the trampoline you are interested in buying.

Also, check for the safety features, durability, functions and the size of the trampoline you want to purchase. If you consider these factors, you will narrow down to the best trampoline for you and your family.

However, to go it the easier way, always check out these models I can recommend confidently any given a chance for the real experience. They are fast for your safety and durability and will provide you value for your money. Won't you make a golden choice? See more about best indoor trampoline for adults.

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