Best Trampoline Mats – Guide & Reviews

Best Trampoline Mats – Guide & Reviews

Trampolines are incredible for a fact until the mat wears off and you start worrying. The good news is that there are replacements for these mats. Here we are going to give you a quick overview about Best Trampoline Mats reviews.

A good replacement will see your trampoline serving the purpose for a long time unless you buy the wrong mat and the opposite will be true. For sure choices come with consequences so make the brilliant choice for no regrets in the future.

Getting a good trampoline mat is also a safety measure. A strong trampoline mat will never endanger your life or that of the ones that you care about. Like a bad mat is like a time bomb ticking on waiting to explode and claim a life or cause injury. Lets see a trampoline mat as a best replacement trampoline mat.

Recommended Best Trampoline Mats - Heavy duty trampoline mat

Skybound Replacement Trampoline Mat

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Skybound to me has a trademark for quality, and it will not take you long to agree with me that this manufacturer has incredible mats.

The Skybound Replacement Trampoline Mat has amazing qualities all thanks to the quality stitches and the quality materials.

The seams are extremely strong the reason being that the springs pull the mat by the seams. Also, trampolines get extensive use in the outdoors.

As much as we love the sun we know that the UV rays are not friendly to fabrics, if the manufacturer does not put measures in place the mat will deteriorate in quality so fast. Skybound adds some fine touch of protective sun guards so that the mat stands the sun.

Heavy duty V rings ensure that the springs do not give in to the tension you create. Here I will have to come clear and say that make it a practice to always check the weight limit of your trampoline, by checking the weight limit you will get an honest evaluation of the mats capability.

Having the best of quality for the mats, Skybound has warranties for both the stitching and the mat itself. I get a three years warranty on the stitching and five years for the mat and all the manufacturers’ defects that may set you back on the fun. This mat is most popular as best trampoline mat on the market. Many people has given top review to this product. This trampoline known as a best replacement trampoline mat.


  • Warranty(3 years for the stitching and five years for the mat)
  • Heavy duty V rings
  • UV protective sun guards
  • Heavily reinforced stitching
  • Quality mat material
  • Strong seams
  • Safe


  • Premium
Trampoline Replacement Jumping Mat

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To get back the fun from your old trampoline consider replacing the current mat with the Trampoline Replacement Jumping Mat from upper bounce.

Put on a scale with many of the existing mats they for sure give an upper bounce.

The design is such that they ensure quality and durability. I like my trampoline black I love the color black, and this upper bounce trampoline mat comes in color black. To ensure that the mat does not tear off, the manufacturer gives the mats eight rows of stitching.

The material that makes the mat will also not let you down. It is non-other than the premium polypropylene materials.

The material is very suitable for the heavy duty that you will throw at the trampoline. The Trampoline Replacement Jumping Mat from upper bounce is resistant to UV light destruction and also water resistant.

The later are the two variables that contribute to the deterioration of the mat hence the manufacture, in this case, push the durability to the limits. The manufacturer also give a six months warranty for the mat. This trampoline known as a best replacement trampoline mat.


  • 8-row stitching
  • Warranty(6 months)
  • Water and UV resistant
  • Reliable
  • Heavy duty material


  • The six months warranty is so little time for some of us
  • Some find it so spongy

Replacement Trampoline Mat by Trampoline

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Replacement Trampoline Mat by Trampoline is a manufacturer that has been around for years now. In the many years that they have been in the specialty of making trampoline mats, they are among the best in the craft.

This mat from trampoline pro last close to a decade under heavy use by the time a decade is over you will have money to get a replacement.

It might even take longer than that to wear out. When jumping on this replacement, you cannot feel the fibers, this is because it has UV protection on it.

Also, this UV protection makes the mat water-resistant. It does not take much time for anyone to fit in the new mat considering I can use only 30 minutes when working at a leisurely pace. It comes with some easy to follow instructions on installation.

By defying the instructions manual way of installing the springs you might get some little trouble but not much. The mat comes in various sizes, so you will choose the size that fits the size of your trampoline.

You can be sure that you will get the size that you want. I have absolutely no complaint about this trampoline mat. The mat is very durable as it is from Permatron material. This trampoline known as a best replacement trampoline mat.


  • Awesome stitches
  • Different sizes
  • Water and UV resistant
  • Has an instructions manual
  • Easy to install
  • Durable


  • You need to know the perfect size of your existing mat else it will not fit
Skybound Replacement Trampoline Mat

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It should not come as a big surprise to see that skybound has two of their products in this article.

You get durability and reliability from skybound. They see that they are bound for excellence and nothing else.

The heavy duty V rings of the SkyBound Premium Trampoline Replacement Mats are from the strongest gauge steel in the industry. The strong gauge steel sees to it that this trampoline stands the beating they receive from the daily use.

Like all the other skybound mats. The skybound premium has some amazing warranties to go with it. It has a three years warranty on the stitching and V-ring and a five years warranty for any manufacturer’s defects.

Might be asking how comes a mat has a warranty on the V-rings, is it not amazing that the mat has a free discount of the spring components?

The mat has sunguardTM that protects the mat from harmful UV light hence extending the life of the mat by 50%. The manufacturer uses the best materials in the industry to bring you this excellent mat. This trampoline known as a best replacement trampoline mat.


  • Warranty on the stitching and the V rings
  • Durable
  • Strong V springs
  • Sun guard
  • Quality stitching
  • Perfect fit


  • On the expensive side
Upper Bounce Trampoline Jumping Mat

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At the level, that Upper Bounce Trampoline Jumping Mat is they are at the top of their game in the manufacture of trampoline mats.

They offer trampoline mats for all models of the existing trampolines. They push durability to the limit using the PP mesh material.

These mats are the safest with eight rows of stitching to ensure they take the weight. Once you invest in the upper bounce mats, you never regret as they are UV and water resistant hence being a long term investment.

Upper Bounce offers their customers excellent service. The mats come with instructions on how to put the mat on the existing trampoline frame.

The mat has a warranty on it ensuring that you have cover in case of defects. I insist that you choose the right size for your frame. If you force a smaller mat to fit your existing frame, the mat is so strong that it will destroy your frame so be careful. This trampoline known as a best replacement trampoline mat.


  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Worth the price
  • Eight rows of stitching
  • Warranty


  • You need the correct size or else destroy the frame
  • It may also rip if you fit a small size on a larger frame

How To Choose - Best Trampoline Mats

There is a guideline to how you should choose your trampoline mats. Trampoline mats 14ft and more size are available. Let’s see how you will get that perfect trampoline mat to replace the old one and have no regrets. Lets see some consideration about best replacement trampoline mat.

Frame Size

The frame size determines the level of flexibility of the user. A small surface will not have much to offer all you will get is up and down jumping, but if you need to do some acrobatic stunts, then you will need a larger surface.

You should also consider the frame size when choosing a replacement mat so that you get the perfect fit.

Number Of Stitches

The number of stitches contributes a great deal to the durability of the mat. Several rows of stitches will ensure that the mat does not tear easily, rather not tear at all. The number of stitches I desire should e from 8 stitches or more.

UV And Water Resistance

UV and water resistance will go a big way in determining the durability of your mat. Apart from the stress that you apply to the mat, UV rays and waters are degrading substances that will weaken your mat so fast. So check to see that the mat is UV resistant and also water resistant.


A warranty is important for safeguarding you against unnecessary loss of money. A warranty safeguards you from manufacturer defects that are not your fault. Usually like a longer duration of the warranty.

Final Verdict

There is no way you can afford to close your eyes and get just any trampoline mat as a replacement. Am hoping the above breakdown will help you in your endeavor to purchase a replacement mat for you trampoline. See more about best trampoline and parts.

All you require now is get the money and use thus guide to find a durable replacement. You can see also about spring free trampoline which is safe and secured. Learn more about best trampoline accessories

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