Best Toddler Trampoline – Guide & Reviews

Best Toddler Trampoline – Guide & Reviews

Everyone loves having fun, and that is why trampolines are very common among kids, teens and even adults, and even a great embrace of families that treat themselves with an outing. You can also decide to purchase one for your kids and watch them as they jump and land on it.

Kids can develop their speech skills when they get involved with activities that feature trampolines. This benefits them, unlike the modern games which are mostly inactive. Exercise is crucial therefore your kid is bound to be healthy.

Trampolines come in two designs. There are mini trampolines and full-sized trampolines. Each is designed according to the purposes they are meant to fulfill. For toddlers, the full-size trampoline is safer since it is larger, therefore, they are not likely to get injured.

As we all know, nothing is perfect. These trampolines are associated with serious injuries, especially to kids. They may include broken bones which at times require surgery, bruises, concussions, sprains and even death.

This calls for full supervision of kids anytime they are using the trampolines so as to ensure they are doing the right thing.

The best trampoline is needed for your kids to have fun and at the same time ensure their safety. My well-researched review below will guide you through choosing the best trampoline for toddlers. Learn more about best trampoline 2018.

Recommended Best Toddler Trampoline

SkyBound 3ft Spring-Free Mini-Trampoline

Editor Rating:

Safety is always the priority when one is choosing a trampoline for the kids. You do not want them to get injured when they are supposed to be enjoying.

The SkyBound 3ft Spring Free Mini-Trampoline has been made with safety in consideration.

Your kids will be able to take pleasure while using it and as well get rid of the excess energy thus keeping them healthy.

The trampoline has its mat fixed with elastic bands to a long lasting steel tube frame. The handle bar, made of steel, is padded with foam to ensure that the kids are safe when they are jumping. It also makes injuries that may occur less severe.

The kids will also be more stable and less scared when they are jumping as they hold on the handle. This reduces chances of falling off.

Being spring-free, the kids are protected from sharp edges that are very dangerous. Most of the parts in this trampoline are pre-assembled therefore one can use it in a short time. It only requires some inspection to confirm it is well fixed. Great, isn't it?


  • Comes with a handlebar
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be stored


  • Takes long to disassemble
Diggin Jumpsmart Junior Electronic

Editor Rating:

Let your hustle of looking for a great trampoline be history now. The Jumpsmart Junior Electronic Trampoline is much fun to use.

Let you kids experience some good exercise to keep their brain and body active. Kids will enjoy doing anything that makes them feel good.

How about introducing them to this product that contains a five-in-one sound system? This makes the children enjoy more for they can dance along to the tunes.

Musical statues are also featured whereby the kid is meant to bounce as the music plays and freeze when it stops. This helps the kids improve their keenness.

They also bounce to animal sounds making it interesting. There is also an electric sensor that counts the number of times the kid bounces.

Silly sounds are funny to listen to. This trampoline produces crashes, beeps, cries and other sound effects that children find hilarious. They occur with each bounce which in turn motivates them to do more bounces.


  • Fun to use
  • Nice size
  • High weight limit
  • Has games


  • Requires batteries
  • Has auto switch off

Little Tike 7' Trampoline

Editor Rating:

Here comes a great way to keep your kids active. You do not want them to get stuck in the so-called ‘lazy' games in the house if you care about their health.

Watch them grow and take pride of being an awesome parent.

Your children will be in a safe den as they bounce on the Little Tike trampoline. Made of very durable plastic and stiff steel, it can accommodate 100lbs without fear of distortion.

Strong poles hold the net in place ensuring the stability of the children. The safety springs are also padded to maximize safety.

It can only accommodate one kid which enables you to watch him/her carefully to prevent accidents. A shoe holder I also featured.

Little Tikes can be used for outdoor activities and should be strictly used by kids aged three years and above. Kids younger than that are prone to injuries therefore to avoid this, let them use other trampolines suitable for them.


  • Durable pad protector covers
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for outdoor activities


  • Slides during bouncing
Funmall Outdoor Indoor Toddler and Kids

Editor Rating:

Long hours of bouncing can never be fun if the trampoline being used is not good. You do not want this to happen to your kids.

Be sure to target on their safety and fun as well buy getting Funmall Outdoor Indoor Toddler and Kids.

The best thing about this trampoline is that it can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities for your kids.

Give a tick for your kid's fun in winter and summer. It has a durable mat that does not spoil easily. Safety is enhanced by the handle which is well protected with pads.

You will have to assemble this trampoline as the parts come separately. It can hold up to 76lbs without pressure hence ideal for kids that are three years and above.


  • Both indoor and outdoor
  • Strong frame
  • Has a handle


  • Takes time to assemble
Mini Trampoline for Kids and Toddlers

Editor Rating:

Your kids' muscles should be strong. This will not happen by letting them just lay down or engage in inactive games such as video games. Make sure that the do some bounces on Mini Trampoline for Kids and Toddlers to keep fit.

This trampoline is the best. It has a 36-inch diameter jumping surface which is large enough for comfortable bouncing.

A balance bar is also available to help the bouncers maintain the upright position and also bounce to higher heights with their safety maximized.

Pinches, scratches or other injuries are history in this trampoline since it has no springs or bungee cords. This assures you of your young one's safety. They will be able to burn the extra calories without any worries.

Mini Trampoline is designed to hold one child weighing not more than 150lbs. This will prevent any breakages that may happen due to overloading.


  • Awesome energy burner
  • Easy to store
  • Easily portable
  • Large jumping surface


  • Not ideal for small spaces

How To Choose - Best Toddler Trampoline

Be very keen when choosing trampoline for your kid. Size, quality, price or other factors might look good to you, but the functionality might turn out heartbreaking.

Take your time and go for what offers the services that you require. The following things are going to help you to settle on a trampoline that will make you smile.


I would advise you to get a big trampoline. This will enable the kid to keep using it as they grow up hence you do not have to buy a new one. Regulate the number of kids using it at a go to curb accidents.


If you consider moving the trampoline in and out of the house, consider buying a lighter one. Some of them are too heavy to handle and porting them will be very stressful.


The springs should be padded or else you will have to keep soothing the kid from crying after scratches and such injuries. This is not fun at all.


Round trampolines look spacious for the kids to bounce on but are difficult to store since they take too much space. Look for an oval or rectangular trampoline, and you will feel the difference. For a more bouncy feeling, a rectangular one is the best choice.


Examine the jumping mat, the legs, and the frame carefully to ensure that the trampoline is sturdy. This will help you avoid unnecessary breakdowns which are likely to cause accidents.

Safety Features

Do not risk allowing your kids to use a trampoline that does not enhance their safety. One that has climbing ladders, stakes, anchors and handles is the perfect for buying. This will keep you relaxed since you are sure your little ones are protected.

Age And Gender

How old are the kids? Are they male, female or both? All these will want a different choice of trampolines. Girls and boys consider different things from boys when it comes to having, therefore, ensure that you do each of them justice.

Final Verdict

Although the process might seem tiring, it's worth it. Settling on a best Toddler Trampoline has never been easy. Be sure of what you want and keenly look at the specifications of each Trampoline before purchasing one. This will help you avoid making a wrong decision.

The above Toddler Trampolines are the best in the market. I hope I have made it easy enough for you to get a trampoline that will enable your kids to have an amazing bouncing experience.

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